Step 1 - Register

Initial registration (no financial obligation at this stage).  Complete the form below to create a login for this website.  Then use your login to give details of your Team and confirm you understand the Soap Box entry rules.

Step 2 - Review

We will send you an email and confirm your Soap Box has been entered.  We will also send you instructions on how to proceed and make payment.

Step 3 - Build and Race

After you make payment and you receive an email to confirm your Soap Box has been entered into the race, you can then start to build. We would not recommend you start building until this stage is completed.


Pre entry requirement

Each team must create a login then submit an ‘expression of interest’ by filling out the entry form before full registration will be made available.

All successful teams will be emailed and sent details of how to then fully register. Once teams have paid for entry and have received a confirmation email, they may then build their Soap Box.

Each team must have collected enough sponsorship to compete five days before the race. This must be paid directly to Winky Kicks Cancer and only then will your team be given a start position with an approximate time.

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